Wanted to share with you some interesting articles which break down the current education issue in the United States.


I don’t often single out specific issues on this blog, but the education crisis in the US is worth investigating.

There are so many simple activities we can do to make a difference. I know the issue seems vast and that it would be so difficult to change anything, but the simpliest activity we can do today is to become a volunteer tutor or reader. Elementary students especially can be deeply impacted by a volunteer taking an interest in their future. Doing a good deed today can multiply drastically in the future. That student may grow up to be a successful person who can positively impact our world in ways we can only dream of. And studies have proven that you may even benefit more than the recipient of your service. Doing someting for others feels good! You may also gain increased interpersonal skills which you can bring to other areas of your life.

Not sure where to start for finding this type of volunteer activity, reach out to your local United Way, they should definitely be able to help.